L i v i n g   I N   L O V E

Where there is love, there is life and strife. Miscommunication and change can destabilize a relationship. Frustration and pain may begin to undermine understanding and trust.  

In couples therapy, we identify the patterns of defensiveness and vulnerability that interfere with communication. 

I  serve as a grounding presence, an observing voice and an active interlocutor.

P a r t n e r s   T O G E T H E R

Every relationship has  traction and purpose.  We look at how your individual relational histories bring you together and set you apart. 

When partners feel deeply known and their desires are felt, compassion transforms conflict into an opportunity for greater understanding.

A relationship that flourishes also fosters individual growth by providing a framework of mutuality and complementarity. 


E n d u r i n g   S O U R C E

 As you learn how to share what you feel in a way that is sensitive and attuned to your partner's ear, your understanding and love for each other will deepen.  We work to hone your communication skills -  the timing, tone, content,  intention and feelings underlying words and actions.  

Intimacy and communication can then become an enduring source for love and passion.