I  N  D  I  V  I  D  U  A  L  S 

 PSYCHOTHERAPY  provides a vantage point to gain perspective on the challenges in your life. it is a time and space to gather your thoughts, feel what must be felt and consider the possibilities.  PSYCHOANALYTIC  psychotherapy follows your emotional experience to its origins in your personal and intergenerational history. The accumulated impact of unprocessed feelings, memories and losses can interfere with personal development and perpetuate painful patterns in your life. The release of energy used to maintain stasis, allows for character change and growth.  Psychoanalytic psychotherapy addresses the pervasive feelings of discontent and un-rest not overtly associated with current events.   Whether you are seeking help with anxiety, depression, trauma or stress -  or you simply want to increase self-awareness, flow and creativity, we work collaboratively to co-create a unique therapy suited to your needs. Within a psychoanalytic framework,  I integrate an array of treatment modalities, drawn from my experience as a clinician, to help us strive toward your goals.   THE PROCESS  of  psychotherapy requires confidentiality, safety, courage and commitment. As you open up to the expression of your own insights, you may find yourself becoming more expressive and emotionally available in other areas of your life. Together we work to understand the significance of your feelings, sensations, thoughts, actions, memories, and dreams. We reflect on the texture and tone of our own relationship as echoes of interpersonal patterns lived out with others.  In addition to coping better in your life, we explore the unconscious processes living in tandem with your conscious experience.  We explore your history, culture and group identity to better understand how the richness of your internal world intersects with the complexity of the external world.

W h y  P S Y C H O T H E R A P Y ?

Psychotherapy  helps you develop inner resources  that make a difference in your life.  

T h e  P R O C E S S

As you uncover the origins of what ails you,  self-compassion and understanding grows. Detangling the knots that hold you back allows you to move toward health and wholeness.

M y  R O L E

I serve as an listener, participant, witness and facilitator to bridge the past to the present and the present to future aspirations and actions. 

Y o u r  P R O C E S S

 With increased resilience, you can manage uncertainty, utilize your creativity and relish life's wonders in its many dimensions.   You can make thoughtful choices about how you want to live.


T h e    R  E  W  A  R  D  S

Releasing  pent up sore spots frees up energy, making room for character change, growth and transformation. I use bilateral stimulation and EMDR to activate the dual capacity to both feel and think about the significant influences and events in your life.  

A deepening self-awareness cultivates a self-replenishing inner pool of  wisdom and vitality, yours in perpetuity for healing, wellness and renewal.


The deeper you go, the lighter you live.   (L. Cole)